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If you have a family and a career organisation is key. I’ve learnt to use every piece of working time I have available to me effectively; I don’t internet shop at the office, or waste time on needless meetings, because I know when it’s all done, I can go home to my daughter. I’d love to say here that I then give her my undivided attention, that she’s never left watching TV whilst I reply to e-mails. That’s work in progress

Delegation is something that women find harder than men – ensuring you have an excellent team around you, that you trust totally, is imperative. I deal with priority tasks and have learnt (and am still learning) to pass on what I can, both at work and at home

The best advice I can give is to allow yourself to let go of The Dreaded Mum Guilt. Whilst you have a child young enough to need you around, and also a career, you could spend your life feeling you should be somewhere else.  Don’t waste valuable effort beating yourself up.  Make sure you acknowledge you’re doing the best you can, and understand that just like everyone else; most of the time you’ll be winging it to make it work.

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