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We get it. You’ve spent months working on getting your latest campaign live. You’ve endured more meetings for meeting sake than you care to remember. Listened, nodded and rightfully ignored your colleague’s views on how the campaign should look. You’ve made the logo bigger 3 times, no make that 4. Changed the wording 6 times. But, now, finally, your big push campaign is out the door. Complete. Finished. High five you. Take a breath, do some internet shopping and let the good times roll. Yeah? Nope. As Bon Jovi once said, “Woah, we’re half way there”.

Let’s pretend we are in the retail industry selling children’s clothing and we have the school summer holidays looming at our rain splattered door. Your big push campaign is live and you’re praying at least ten people by pairs of your frog faced socks because the Managing Director has you numbered. You’ve booked the child models and performing dogs for an event, the summer staff have their start dates and you’ve even had a hair- cut to get into the summer vibe. But you haven’t told any of the reception team about your campaign; none of them are aware of the multiple purchase offer you’re running if people buy the monkey t-shirt with the zebra print shorts by the end of May. Nor do they have a clue about the launch event – which is really awkward when one of the child’s parents phone up to ask if Billy really needs to wear the goat cap to the event (yes, of course he does).

You’ve failed to plan how you’re going to capture enquirers details, that beautiful marketing data that allows you to market to your exact target audience – imagine that? And what about the actual marketing activity that’s gone out? Your leaflets have a lovely “Boden” image of a child eating an overpriced ice cream, but you have no means of measuring its impact. No “Quote this code for 10% off the booking price”. You’ve not tied your Social Media in with the offer, nor have you a unique hashtag on your glossy press advert.

I suppose what we are trying to say is; you’ve decided to bake a Victoria Sponge, you’ve selected the recipe (after spending time Googling “Easiest Victoria Sponge Recipe”), bought the ingredients, put the oven on, mixed the ingredients together, then you stop. Make a cuppa and admire your mixing skills with pride and walk away. You leave the mix on the kitchen unit. The mixture goes off. The cake recipe is deemed a failure. Never to be tried again………We think you get the analogy.

In a perfect world, along with world peace, you would be working from a marketing strategy that is in line with the business’ mission. We understand that running a busy marketing department, or business can tie you up in the day-to-day, leaving you little time to really invest a 360 degree approach to a campaign. That’s ok, but don’t lose a sale, customer or client because there has not been the time to bake the cake, see the value in sourcing external support when you most need it. “Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear”. Sorry, we’ve crossed the Bon Jovi line now. If you remember nothing else from this post, familiarise yourself with a few of our tips and avoid being another half-arsed marketer:

  • Use analytics when advertising online

  • Monitor your website traffic

  • Give a call to action on any print based medium

  • Keep your branding, campaign design and tone the same throughout

  • Ensure all relevant colleagues are aware of your campaign, it’s purpose and content

  • Include social media as a way of communicating your activity

  • Capture data from any enquiries

  • Always refer back to the reason you are marketing and ask yourself if that reason is still the core of all your activity.

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